Sunset 8.27.16


Purple Damselfly


Double Crested Cormorant


This is a young Cormorant. As they get older their wings become black. I recently heard someone call them lake chickens. Look at the picture below and you can see why.




It’s that time of the summer when Ironweed makes its appearance. You can’t miss it if your looking. It can grow seven feet plus tall. I am not sure why it is named Ironweed. I have just assumed that it’s namesake comes from how tough the plant is. It loves the heat and doesn’t appear to be affected by the lack of rain. However it definitely doesn’t look like a weed this time of the year.

Great Egret


I saw this Egret along Radnor lake this week. I followed him along the bank as he fished. He had no worries as I tagged along.

Cardinal Flower


This is a wildflower that demands attention. This brilliant red flower can be found in shaded areas as well as sunny. I mostly find them growing in wet soil near the river. Sometimes in the river as this won was.

Giant Swallowtail


I don’t see these often only a couple of times ever. This one had no troubles with me getting a few shots. When he did take off he was very slow in flight. I would guess he is easy prey for birds. The flight pattern was much slower than other swalltotails we have here in Tennessee.


Passion Flower


A native wildflower that grows like a vine. It also produces an edible fruit. Moreover it’s designated as the state wildflower.



Hop in a kayak and head down the river. Many times I will pull over and wander around on these exposed bluffs. You can always find some type of fossils.


I believe this is fossilized sea coral.


Note the circular fossil of a Gastropod. This one is about 12 inches across. I know you either think cool or so what. For the so what crowd I know you can appreciate seeing and many times holding something that is 350 plus million years old. Older than the dinosaurs. If you are still in the so what crowd no worries I have enough excitement for both of us.


Possibly a Trilobite.






This is one unique fly. First it’s about three inches long. Second it has these clear wings highlighted in pink.

Tennessee Vista


Tennessee GREEN! We are fortunate to live in such a lush state.

Butterfly Weed


This plant has knock out color. Easily spotted in fields as you travel through the country. It is also a host plant for Monarch Butterflies. Meaning Monarchs will lay their eggs on the plant. It also supplies tons of nectar for insects and hummingbirds as well as butterflies.


Full Moon 8.17.16

20160817-IMG_6630 (2)

Brown-headed Cow Bird


We all see Common Black Birds just about everywhere. However if you take a second look closely and some might just be Brown-headed Cow Birds. From a distance the definitely look like black birds unless the light is hitting them just right.

Perseid Meteor Shower 8.11.16

20160812-IMG_8314 (2)

Last night I was able to capture a couple of meteors. It took several hours and some serious fights with mosquitoes but it was worth it. Above is a close up of the shot below.


Here is another.


Six Spotted Tiger Beetle

20160524-20160524-IMG_6750tiger beetle

I’m painting my car this color! It changes hues depending on how the light hits it.

Hosta Blooms



I have an obsession with Hosta’s. There are so many varieties,colors and textures available it’s hard to stop buying. This is one species planted in mass. All of these started from a couple of plants. You can divide and plant every year. Yet another reason to like Hosta’s.


Sunset 8.2.16


Last nights sunset was beautiful and unique. If we had a couple more hours of daylight we possibly could have had a severe storm. These sunset clouds were laced with Mammatus clouds. Mammatus clouds are present sometimes before the outbreak of severe weather. Below is a close up of the Mammatus structure.


Sunsets go so quickly and change shapes and color rapidly. Below are a few more captures just within ten minutes.





Echinacea, or coneflowers are great flowers for your summer garden. They not only tolerate heat well they are available in many stunning colors.