Bad Day


Riding around exploring yesterday and came across this unfortunate event. I believe no one was seriously injured and fortunately the fire trucks kept the fields from bursting into flames.


Sunset 11.27.16


The top shot of the sunset is beautiful. However the shot below is facing the opposite direction at the same time and definitely a beaut as well.


Muted colors of fall


What’s left of the colors of fall are on display on the plateau.

Red-shouldered hawk


Walking upstairs in my house headed to take a shower and saw this. You think he was trying to communicate with me or just hanging out. Actually I know and it was neither. He had a meal on his mind. About 30 feet away is a bird feeder occupying apparently unknowing Chickadee’s and Cardinals. I say unknowing because there is normally tons of communication around when a hawk shows up. Resulting in an bird feeder full of food but no one dining.This guy is good! Watch out birds!



Eastern Comma


These guys are wonderful at camouflage. No telling how many you pass along a trail with out seeing them. Below is a shot with his wings spread. They are all hibernating now awaiting spring.


Red Admiral


These guys are easy to spot when they have their wings open soaking up the sun. This shot was taken in September as there are none to be found this time of the year.

Fall 2016


Fall in Middle Tennessee with the drought didn’t produce many opportunities for colorful foliage shots. One way to remedy that is find a turquoise bridge. A turquoise bridge a few colored trees and some bright sunlight will do the trick. This one is in Old Stone Fort Park, Manchester TN.

Built to Last


It’s amazing how many of these old barns built 100 plus years ago are still around. Some might look like they don’t have much life left in them but don’t be fooled. Many that look like this one and much worse are still being used.

What was the supermoon of all supermoons


A few days ago on Nov 13th we had a super moon not to compare for another 80 years. That is based on its observation size due to its nearness to earth. You really couldn’t tell any difference. In fact I have witness other super moons that gave the appearance of being more spectacular in size. This is what’s left as it spins away from us.  At any rate if you missed it the next one is only 0.02 percent farther away.

Wildfire Sunset 11.13.16

I had told several people to look for the sunset tonight instead of the super moon and it didn’t disappoint. With all the smoke from the wildfires in Tennessee I knew we would have a strange colored sunset. If you can position yourself were you can see the sun pass the horizon either at sunset or sunrise you will be able see this spectacle. The atmosphere with the dust and smoke is at it’s thickest when you view the sun as it dips into the horizon. The smoke eliminates some of the light spectrum that we normally see revealing this odd color sun. Unfortunately it’s hard to get a good clean shot with all the smoke in the sky. It should remain like this for several days so get out and take a look.






Japanese Anemone


There are several types of Anemone’s provided by local nurseries. Some are low growers and bloom in the spring. I prefer this Japanese Anemone that I have in my garden for several reasons. One it blooms starting in late September through October. Second it stands about five feet tall.


Cedar Waxwing


As we usher in winter you are more likely to see these guys traveling in small flocks. They have a extremely high pitched call.



Asters are a native wildflower of Tennessee. This is a hybrid of that native wildflower. Asters create a beautiful fall display when most other flowers are fading away.

Sunset 11.12.16


If you can find the right location and be there on the right night you might get a shot like this one above. The dynamic color change from top to bottom provide a dramatic backdrop for this tree. Below are a few other shots from minutes earlier.



Fall Leaves


Fall didn’t make much of an impression here in Middle Tennessee. However if you look you can find some vibrant color. Above is one of our native Dogwood trees and below our native Fothergilla bush.


Wonderous Sun and Clouds


The sky was eerily haunting with it’s grey colors and mysterious cloud formations.


Tree’s with a face

Our brains have been hard wired for thousands of years to see faces and to immediately identify friend or foe. That is why we see faces in things such as designs in tile on your floor or in clouds in the sky. Well you don’t have to look to far in the woods to find faces in trees. Here are a few scary, funny and quirky trees ready for Halloween. The last one might be a little hard to visualize, think Picasso.














Fence Lizard


White Tail Deer


I do most if not all of my walking in the woods by myself. I have always enjoyed the alone time immersed in nature. Most people wouldn’t want to hike with me anyways as I can spend 15 minutes in one spot looking at bugs or flowers or who knows what. At any rate one of the beauties of being alone and learning to walk quietly is represented by this picture. Once we saw each other we both froze. After several minutes I slowly approached a few steps at a time. Stop and wait, and then a few more over and over. I eventually was within 10 feet. I felt that was close enough as I didn’t want to ruin the experience for either of us so I backed out. Experiencing nature is truly at the core of our being and for me it gives a feeling of belonging to a much larger experience than just being human.



Some plants intricate structure is the beauty of the plant.