Winter Sunset


Some of my favorite shots are the bare trees highlighted with the sun in the background. I especially like this one as you can see the half of the sun as it sets.

Golden Root


I have no idea to what tree this root belongs. I do know that the metallic exterior gleamed like a vein of gold running down the rocks.

Winters View


The problem with having such a mild winter is this. As soon as we have a few days of rain and clouds we feel like its been forever since we’ve had a sunny warm day.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker taking a bath.


Most birds just jump in the water and splash around to clean their feathers. Not this woodpecker. His behavior I assume is due to his characteristics of being a climbing bird instead of a perching bird. He backed down slowly and cautiously into the water while holding on to the rock.

Below: He sticks his tail feathers in the water and splashes water on himself without letting go of the rock.



After doing that several times he climbs back up to the top ledge where he sits for a moment drying off. I have never seen a woodpecker just sitting horizontally not clinging to the side of a tree.




Northern Flicker


One of our larger woodpeckers in Tennessee, with lots of colors and patterns in their plumage.

First Snow 2017




Foggy Morning


The heavy fog condenses and runs down the branches of this Hackberry tree. Below you can see the branches reflected in the water drop.


Blue jay


Sometimes we overlook the colorful birds that call Tennessee home. The Blue jay is a year long resident. The females and males look identical unlike many other bird species. There are many interesting things about the Blue jay. Here are a few. They hide nuts just like squirrels for later. They are mimic birds meaning they can vocalize many of the things they hear even human speech. I hear them mimicking hawks and it is impossible to tell the difference. They fly in the trees above my bird feeders then proceed to mimic a Red-tailed hawk. Concurrently this makes all the other birds fly away and they have the food all to themselves. They do the same when they want to take a bath in our fountains.

Winter’s Spotlight


Winter appears to limit what there is to see as opposed to the other seasons. However there are many opportunities just different.

Gray Fox


If you ever see a fox and wonder if it’s a Red Fox or a Gray Fox here is how to know. Red foxes do turn gray in the winter however a Red Fox has a white tip on the tail. A Gray Fox has a black tip on their tail. One interesting fact about the Gray Fox is they can climb trees just like cats where the Red Fox is earth bound.


Starling’s at Bathtime


Aren’t you glad you don’t have to shake your head like this to get dry.


It’s Official!


Winter started officially yesterday with the winter solstice. The good news is the daytime hours only get longer from here on out. For a while anyways.


Bigleaf Magnolia


It’s so funny to see these small trees with these huge leaves. I saw these on the Fiery Gizzard Trail. I wear a size 10 boot. Check out the size of these leaves!


Sewanee Arch


The Arch in Sewanee is a unique stone structure. You can easily walk across it but if your not sure footed or weak in the knees with heights you might just go under it. Not only is it a beautiful stone structure it is also easy to get to. Located in Sewanee Tennessee.

Bad Day


Riding around exploring yesterday and came across this unfortunate event. I believe no one was seriously injured and fortunately the fire trucks kept the fields from bursting into flames.


Sunset 11.27.16


The top shot of the sunset is beautiful. However the shot below is facing the opposite direction at the same time and definitely a beaut as well.


Muted colors of fall


What’s left of the colors of fall are on display on the plateau.

Red-shouldered hawk


Walking upstairs in my house headed to take a shower and saw this. You think he was trying to communicate with me or just hanging out. Actually I know and it was neither. He had a meal on his mind. About 30 feet away is a bird feeder occupying apparently unknowing Chickadee’s and Cardinals. I say unknowing because there is normally tons of communication around when a hawk shows up. Resulting in an bird feeder full of food but no one dining.This guy is good! Watch out birds!



Eastern Comma


These guys are wonderful at camouflage. No telling how many you pass along a trail with out seeing them. Below is a shot with his wings spread. They are all hibernating now awaiting spring.


Red Admiral


These guys are easy to spot when they have their wings open soaking up the sun. This shot was taken in September as there are none to be found this time of the year.